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“Absolutely tip top cakes, gluten and dairy free options are stunning too!”

- James -

"Truly beautiful and delicious cupcakes"

- Lee-Anne -

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“You have to be quick in our house to get one of Theresa's cupcakes”
"..the most amazing cupcakes.."

- Kirsty -

- Danielle -

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Cupcakes by T | Somerset Delivery | Vegan | GF
"T makes the best vegan cupcakes..."

- Megan -

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Cupcakes by T produces custom cupcake orders for events. Use the Contact Form below to get in touch with Theresa and discuss your cupcake needs.

 - Customised decoration, Flavour selection, Large quantity orders, Gluten Free*, Dairy Free*, Vegan*

 - Delivery available

 - Display options available upon request

*Our cakes are made in a kitchen which handles other produce containing dairy and gluten.

Custom Cupcakes _ Somerset Delivery _ Ve
"...the cakes were amazing. Great flavours, beautiful designs, I can't wait to place my next order."

- Emily -

A note from T

I have loved baking for as long as I can remember and have been passionate about cakes since helping my grandmother in the kitchen at a young age. It has grown into a passion for baking that has led me to bake for friends and family, through to large scale orders of custom designed cakes for events and special occasions. Use the "Contact me" form and we can start designing the cakes for your event.

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